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October 16, 2020

The launch of the newest HCM Cloud modules is the culmination of months of development, configuration, testing and preparation.  

On November 2, 2020, when you log on to Oracle Cloud, you will be able to view your health plans and programs including your coverage level, per pay deductions, and covered dependents.  You will also be able to view your mandatory and voluntary retirement plans.  Benefit plans that will be viewable in the HCM Cloud include:

  • Medical and prescription drug insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Healthcare flexible spending account
  • Dependent care flexible spending account
  • Mandatory pension plan
  • Term life insurance
  • Long term disability insurance
  • Voluntary retirement plans

In addition, Cloud will become your absence management portal for all paid time off and leave of absence programs. The absence management module is significantly improved and allows full insight into absence plans and balances. Auto enrollment of each employee’s accrual plan is available and, for supervisors, there is improved ease of administration.  Cloud will be the source for: 

  • Sick leave
  • Vacation leave
  • Administrative leave
  • Donated leave
  • Voluntary Furloughs
  • FMLA leave
  • NJFLA leave
  • NJ Paid Leave Act leave
  • Workers compensation leave
  • Unpaid leave of absence

Videos on how to navigate the HCM Cloud are located here:  Instructional Content

January 2, 2020

Happy New Year, Colleagues!

The Office of Human Resources is excited to enter 2020 with HCM Cloud, an array of technologies designed to eliminate paper processes and redundancies, streamline procedures and increase productivity.   We wish to express our appreciation to the human resources team, HCM Change Champions, the executive sponsors, business unit leaders, project managers, and functional experts who partnered, participated, advised and assisted us to achieve this feat. 

Below we have provided an overview of what’s available, how and when to take advantage of instructional content, the training schedule and whom to contact with questions about or supports for the HCM Cloud.  

We will launch additional HCM Cloud modules later this year. These modules include:

  • Benefits management: benefit plans in which you are enrolled
  • Absence management: paid time off accruals, currently being tracked and administered in softtime online
  • Payroll administration: comprehensive compensation and payroll data will be viewable
  • Time and labor:  timekeeping for hourly employees, including students 

Taleo 2020 is Live!

Taleo 2020 is ready to accept hiring requests. This robust recruitment vehicle will be used for staff, faculty, grant, adjunct faculty, temporary and student recruitment and hiring. 

All hiring managers who had a requisition in a “posted“ status in the prior recruitment system will see their requisition details in Taleo 2020 on the Recruiting Dashboard. An HR Recruiter will be in contact with you shortly to discuss accessing candidate application materials. 

HR Delivers HCM Cloud Training!

To view the training schedule, please click here:  Oracle HCM Training Calendar.  In addition to the training schedule we have provided helpful tools such as FAQs, video tutorials and step-by-step user guides.  

HR is offering virtual training on how to locate and update your personal information.  To participate in virtual training, view the calendar for a virtual training time and click this link:  Oracle HCM Virtual Training Session on that day and time.  It is not necessary to register for a virtual session.  Just click the link at the appropriate time, right at your desk, and you will join the training event. You may also opt to view a virtual training session from a conference room along with others in your business unit.  

  • To learn how to navigate in HCM Cloud self-service, watch the Basics video tutorial
  • To participate in an instructor led, live training session, arrive at the training location as indicated on the calendar.  The training calendar will be updated periodically so consider checking back often.
  • To request customized training for a group, please contact an HR colleague as indicated later in this communication.

Access the HCM Cloud!

We need each and every one of you to log on to the HCM Cloud in order to ensure the accuracy of your personal details.  This includes demographic details, contact information, and family and emergency contacts.  To complete this process, we encourage you to join us for a virtual training session. Access to the HCM Cloud is through via the same username and password you enter to access your TCNJ email (also known as single sign on). The review and verification of your personal details must be completed by January 27, 2020.  

HR Community Partners 

Designated HR Community Partners for each department will have now have access to submit the following requests:

  • Serve as Hiring Manager for searches through Taleo 2020 including submitting requisition requests, reviewing candidate details, identifying finalists, and working with an HR Recruiter to process hiring and on-boarding tasks
  • Submit adjunct faculty hiring requests and process contracts through the Taleo 2020 offer process
  • Add new contingent workers through HCM and update existing contingent assignments
  • Update assignment details including change in hours and reporting changes 
  • Submit employee resignation and retirement requests
  • Request new positions in HCM 

As questions arise regarding specific tasks or functionality in the HCM Cloud, or Taleo 2020, please contact the individual listed below:

Category                                             Contact Person

Regular staff hiring                             Tracey Sullivan,, x2730

Temporary staff hiring                         Nia McGowan,, x3183

Faculty hiring                                      Norma Garza,, x2515

Student hiring                                      Marla Sucsuz,, x2161

Assistance with self-service                Steve Gall,, x3294

Performance management                   Kimberly Woods,, x3079


This is such an exciting time!  We look forward to working alongside you and facilitating a positive experience in the Cloud!